Create your planograms online and optimize your sales spaces totally free.

OPENCatman is a simple and intuitive tool to design the planogram of your store, represent it through product images and analyze the optimization of spaces, totally in real time and collaborating with your team.

Why choose us?

Design, analyze and share your Retail Planograms

  • Design Retail Planograms (POG) to organize and display products
  • Analyse and define facings according to sales, stock turnover and margin
  • Collaborate as a team by sharing projects with partners, Category Captains and stores
  • Publish final Planograms on PDF of export them to other formats (.pln or .psa)

A shared product Library

The product library, including images, dimensions and product descriptions is shared among users. We’ve removed the hassle of building your own library to begin designing POGs, saving you time that can be spent on POG set up.

Through the shared product library, you can find product images and dimensions using the local UPC or by searching the name to find equivalent products from other countries. We offer a growing product database with +1,200,000 options from +40 countries, allowing you to find the products you need for your POG.

Interactive POGs for an collaborative Category Management

One of the main advantages of using the cloud-based tool we provide is that it allows users to share planograms with partners. OPENCatman developed our solution with Category Management teams in mind. We strive to create a collaborative workspace, and we’ve done this with our team features. 

The project share feature allows multiple people to work together on the same project. The interactive chat helps speed up communication, efficiently informing changes on products or category implementation.

Boost your sales with the best online planogram tool.

Poweful analysis tools

Here at OPENCatman, we use innovative technology and quality analytic tools to make the right decisions for each category. You don’t need to be a category expert to use our program! Just define the number of facings according to stock turnover, replenishment, sales, and margin.

Visualize the space of each brand and segment, and compare the price range with sales performance. Make the best decision for your category and increase your profitability as a business!

Print, Share or export your projects!

Print a detailed implementation guide or share your project directly with the store to receive feedback. For companies that are already equipped with Space Planning, Prospace, or Spaceman, a .pln or .psa exportation option is available.

This allows multiple users to benefit from designing POGs with OPENCatman, all while including them in their own designing process!

Create professional planograms easily with our tool.

Share your planogram in real time with the store

By directly sharing your planogram with the store, it will access your planogram in real time. Through the application on IOS or Android, it will receive notifications for each event or novelty to be considered in the planogram (new product, change of layout, etc…) making communication with the store in view effective and in real time. of effective implementation (see modalities).


Don’t stress about pricing, as most features we offer are free! You can create and analyze as many projects as you desire! Our PRO version is for those looking for the next level, responding to the needs of frequent users by saving time and allowing interactive work.

It’s priced at $99 per month and cancelable at any time. Whether you’re here for the free version or PRO, our platform offers amazing features and opportunities for those looking to expand their company.

Unlimited projects
Basic printing
Space optimization
Duplicate and Local "Save As" Projects
Alphanumeric SKUs, Recoding
Edit and crop images online
Bulk image uploading
Excel data uploading
Edit shared projects / Online Chat
Detailed Project Printing
Import/Export .pln and .psa files
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